Saturday, November 9, 2013

7th Sea: A Letter from Don Gabriel

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Dear Andres,

You will find enclosed my report on the latest activities of Los Vagos. They have gotten even more daring lately and have attacked openly twice in the last few days. I have lost some men, as has the Inquisition. On a personal note, you would find me grateful if you would alert your people to look for any sign of Javier. After he escaped with the help of Los Vagos, we have unfortunately been unable to locate him or his friends.

He did have the nerve to attack my home – he has always been brazen and it seems that five years on the run have done nothing to change that. I am told that he had not only his friends with him but also a troop of Eisen mercenaries. The mercenaries have stolen my best horses and have escaped across the river into their homeland before we could find them. The Eisen embassy has heard about this, but seems disinclined to do anything about it. I doubt that this surprises you any more than me.

Javier and his band of miscreants overpowered my guards and slaughtered di Dionna, attacking from an ambush, as I am told. I doubt they would have stood a chance in a honest fight. My son fought bravely and was then shot in the back when he tried to sound the alarm. Both he and di Dionna are on the verge of death and I cannot yet tell you if they will live.

I had been content to leave Javier to the Inquisition. But now I will kill him myself and he will wish that the Inquisition had caught him first.
As far as I know, he still is in Castille. At least I have not heard of his arrival in Paix. Please be so kind and let me know if any of your sources have news.

Respectfully, your friend
Don Gabriel Luiz Montoya de Vasquez


Marcello will go by his real name Javier from now on - that will take some getting used to.

We only wanted our horses back and our weapons. That got out of control and Ramon once again almost died, as did Alain. Di Dionna is (was?) a fearsome fighter and would have been a match for any of us. For the record, we did not ambush him...but that's what Don Gabriel was told by his men, of course. Javier tried to save both him and Don Gabriel's son, but the Doctor skill is HARD and even with drama dice, I had no chance. We called for the nearest doctor, but we did not stay to see what would happen.

I could have written this from Javier's point of view of course. But I think this is not something he likes to think about, much less write to his daughter about. And since another player suggested that I write a post from the Inquisition's view anyway, Don Gabriel offered himself to write this.

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