Monday, November 11, 2013



My new 7th Sea character uses a sling as his weapon of choice. Unlike other systems, 7th Sea doesn't underestimate the sling - it's not a toy, but a serious weapon that can do deadly damage in the right hands. And it's easily built. I made myself one from string and a piece of leather, following these instuctions.

sling pouch
sling puch back
The sling pouch is sewn to the braided string because I have the feeling that this will be more durable than punching holes into the leather and knotting the string to it.

sand shot

Since I don't have a big field or something to practice in, I tried making shot from sand, again with instructions from, a website I recommend to anyone with an interest in learning how to use a sling. The first row wasn't wet enough and already starts to crack and I think the second batch was too wet to dry out quickly even in the oven, but I'll give it a couple of hours more. I'll report back on how it went. I already did fire some shots, with foam balls and some small stones and it went surprisingly well. The foam balls flew some thirty yards. I just need to work on my technique because they tend to go to the right.

part two - shooting with sand projectiles

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