Sunday, December 29, 2013

Cthulhu: Masks

Cast of Characters:
Doctor Karl A. Schwarz - physician who works at the Krankenhaus Moabit and who has a surgery on the side in Berlin Wedding (a district known for being a stronghold of the Communist Party and for being populated almost exclusively by working class people)
Gero Thalmann - a student from a middle-class family who plans to become an architect. Meanwhile, he's involved with the Communists and has taken an interest in the pressing social issues of the time. He has been living in Berlin for about a year.
Ferdinand Rosenthal - a dealer in antiquities, specialising in the South Seas

last time

Thursday, 1 June 1921

Gero tries to trace back the crates they took to the port last night and after some searching, he find a dealer of antiques by the name of Rosenthal whom he think is probably the owner. Not that Rosenthal is an uncommon name, as Schwarz reminds him, but still, Gero is reasonably sure. Schwarz returns to the hospital and talks with his boss Seltmann about the brainless body that Seltmann had wanted him to look at so urgently. Seltmann squirms and tries to downplay it all, but finally he comes out with the truth: Reuschner, accompanied by the police, took the body and threatened that any further investigation would have consequences.
Rosenthal gets a package from Reuschner and is asked to deliver it to Babelsberg, to the UFA film studio, which he does.

Friday, 2 June 1921

Schwarz and Gero have decided to pay Rosenthal a visit to try and draw him out about the crates. This is not very successful, although Rosenthal does say that he owns such crates. Gero find a mask he's strangely fascinated with and buys it for the proud sum of 200 Mark and he asks that the mask be delivered to him. Rosenthal first assumes that Schwarz is Gero's father and when he learns that they are not related, he does wonder about their exact relationship. But he doesn't let it stand in the way of business.

Just as they are leaving, the scar-faced guy they already know comes in with three other men and pretty much takes them hostage, to the outrage of Schwarz and the quiet indignation of Rosenthal. The man wants to know where Rosenthal delivered the package and after it becomes clear that the men are perfectly willing to use force, Rosenthal agrees to show them. So they arrive at Studio Babelsberg and when they get out of the van, Schwarz tries to attack one of the men guarding them. His attack fails, but it's a distraction Gero uses to pull his revolver and shoot. A shot and violent time later, only one of the men is still alive. They decide that it's better to get out of there as quickly as possible. Schwarz puts the survivor in the back of the van and drives to his backyard clinic.

Rosenthal returns to his shop, while Gero stays with Schwarz, but Gero's too busy throwing up once he fully realises what just happened to notice what Schwarz does. The man is badly hurt and there is no way he is going to survive. So Schwarz does nothing to help him and asks questions instead. He finds out that the package Rosenthal delivered contained Hitler's brain and was supposed to be taken to Hamburg, but now that whoever the man works for knows where it is, that is not going to happen. Apparently the man works for or rather is used by creatures intending to take over the power, but that may well have been the ramblings of a dying man. In any case, Schwarz leaves the van somewhere in Wedding once the man is dead.


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