Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lady Blackbird: A Good Villain

After escaping from the Hand of Sorrow (while blowing up the hangar and kidnapping Captain Hollas' son Basil), the crew of the Owl took refuge at Atlas 4, an abandoned mining colony now occupied by goblins. Snarge got a very icy reception, but the goblins agreed to give them supplies and coal in exchange for imperial radio frequencies and a closer look at the fighter the Owl still has in tow.
Cyrus finally decided to share Hollas' offer (kill my son and get rich or don't kill him and every bounty hunter will be after you) with Lexi on the way to Haven and Lexi managed to restore the message on the data crystal. And after a very good meal cooked by Norman, everybody on the ship got to see it, to varying degrees of dismay.

I said a while ago that one of my goals as a GM was to write a villain that my players will really hate. I think I may have succeeded with Captain Hollas. It probably helped that I'm channeling Tywin Lannister when I play him. The players don't trust him any farther than they could throw the Owl and there was a lot of indignation that he even thought they would accpt his offer.

I've been waiting for months for Cyrus to tell the crew (we play by forum, so it's slow) and I enjoyed the moment. This one time, I would have liked to sit with them all around a table to actually see the reactions, but the mails and OOC comments were quite entertaining, too. It's been already pretty much decided that they won't kill Basil and I'm curious what they will come up with to solve their problem. I hope they decide to mess with Hollas - I would love to play him again and even I want to see him taken down a peg or two.

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