Friday, January 3, 2014

RPG Blog Carnival: Transitions

The theme for the RPG Blog Carnival this month is Transitions:
What sort of Transitions will you make in your game or campaign this year? Will you be making the transition to a new game system, starting a new game, or picking up an old favorite? Are you going to take your first turn as a GM, or step back and be a player for a while? Or would you rather tell people about the kinds of transitions taking place within your game, the sorts of changes and transformations taking place among your characters or the game-world itself?

So. I just started as a player in a new 7th Sea campaign, while another may or may not go on hiatus or end. I will introduce another player into my Endland campaign and I want do so a big story arc, something I haven't attempted before as a GM. That will require quite a bit more preparation that I usually do as a GM and I'm not sure I can pull it off, but I do want to try. My players are very good at improvising their own story and quickly latch onto story hooks and run with them, so I think that a multi-layered story arc will be very rewarding to do with them.

In character, my characters in our Shadowrun Rat's Nest campaign are probably the ones who will see the most change in the near future. My street Doc Neil will learn more magic, but more importantly, he will be a father in a few months (if we get that far in-game). Not something he or I planned on when we started playing. And not something I have ever played before - most of my character don't even have relationships, let alone family. I may be setting myself up for a lot of heartbreak. Shadowrun is not exactly the friendliest of worlds.
Rusty, the young ganger with dreams of becoming a runner on day, will start on a new job as a pilot. Not always on the right side of the law, but then what is in Shadowrun. But it's a better job than he ever expected to land and a huge chance for him. And it makes it possible for him to get his little sister to live with him. We'll see how that works out. And finally Ela, the street girl, has the chance to make some sort of life that doesn't involve selling herself. Plus, for the first time in her life she's out as a lesbian...and as a drake (a human who can turn into a dragon), at least to the people she trusts. Being a drake is a huge problem and dangerous because people will be after her, so i have no idea how that will turn out.

The January 2014 RPG Blog Carnival is hosted by the folks at Hereticwerks, so head over there if you want to participate. While you're there, do take a look at their other stuff, it's well worth your time, I guarantee.


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