Sunday, February 16, 2014

Deadlands: Campfire Story

You sure you wanna hear this? It doesn't make such a good bedtime story.
Right. So Alan and Sister Elizabeth and me had lived with the Apsaalooke for, what, a couple of months? And we were just getting ready to move, hunker down for the winter. Time for the last great hunt and that was where we were going when we ran into him. First I didn't recognize him, what with the hat pulled down into his face and, you know, him being dead and all. Not like I expected to ever see him again. But I recognized the voice alright. Seems the grave cannot hold a Texas Ranger, at least not this one.

I really thought about shooting him down right then and there. Nothing good ever comes from speaking to demons, they just spin a tale until they have what they want. And I'm not sure that this isn't exactly what happened. Talk we did - we wanted to know how come he was walking around again and Etienne said no, we don't wanna know that. Whatever he's carrying around inside him, it's not something that means well. But he's our friend and he's alive again, can't really argue with that. But I'm not going to turn my back on him any time soon.
He brought bad news. Seems we're wanted men. A hundred dollars on Alan's head, fifty on Sister Elizabeth's and ten on mine. Doesn't take much of an education to read a wanted poster. And doesn't take much guessing that even though I'm only wanted for questioning, that's not going to end too well. Folks don't take too kindly to a negro wanted for anything and often find that they have some more crimes that need solving.

And not enough with that, there's someone on a murder spree again in Gloom City, like the one we stopped in Dodge. So in exchange for taking care of the bounty on our head, we help Etienne with that. And so we were headed for Dodge again the next day. I hated leaving the Apsaalooke. I've been just roaming the country all my life and it had been nice to settle down for a change. I want to go back when this business is done. Not least because of Biiwihitche. I sure would like to see her again.


next time

After our 7th Sea group suffered from sudden GM-lessness and moved to being played by forum, a spot opened in our weekly group and we decided to continue our Deadlands game. I've been looking forward to that for a long time now - it's one of my favourite systems and I really like the characters. We have: a half-Crow scout, a nun, a professional poker player, a female doctor and a black cowboy (who will be telling the story here). The fact that we were going to encounter the Texas Ranger whom the group buried and mourned months ago made that evening ... interesting. But after some tense negotiations, the characters reached a sort of consent, but things are far from happy or easy for everyone involved.
Meanwhile, in Dodge, the other part of the group has already encountered some grisly murders and we cut just when the good doctor opened a door and found herself staring at the corpse of a man she had just declared dead hours before, munching on the much fresher corpse of her colleague.

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