Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What I did on my holiday

I got myself some spectacular bruises all over my body by doing my not very best at letting other people not hit me with a wooden sword.

Medusa from Ludus Nemesis, a gladiator reenactment group I joined a couple of months ago. The archeological museum in Meppen does a reenactors festival every year and the group is a regular there. We do show fights (as in: no blood, but the fights themselves are not staged) and gladiator training for kids:
junior gladiator
junior gladiators

The festival spanned a time from 2nd century CE to the 18th century.

spinning with a newel
Vada, our slave - she's spinning wool with a newel here

blacksmith at work
blacksmith at work

another showfight

hunting party, 18th century
and the 18th century hunting party

I got to shoot a crossbow and this musket, a Brown Bess (not a replica, by the way), and I am so going to get a licence that allows me to own, load and fire a musket (the law is that anyone can shoot, but loading requires a licence)
firing a musket

and then this guy walked into the Roman camp (after hours, with the visitors gone)


Websites for some of the groups:
Vex Vet Leg XIX
Ludus Nemesis

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