Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bear in a Boat

Boy anda bear in a boat 2

A Boy and a Bear in a Boat. It's excactly what is says on the cover. A boy walks up to a bear in a boat and asks him to take him across the sea. The bear starts rowing and still is when the boy wakes up the next day. The boy quickly finds out that the bear has no clue where they are going...

Don't read this book if you expect a clear-cut story. I felt like I was reading Waiting for Godot with bears. That being said, I liked it a lot. The illustrations are charming and the story lends itself to all kinds of interpretations. You could for example easily read it as a Bildungsroman, with the boy taking over more and more responsibility.

Or you just take it at face value and read a story about the boy who goes on a trip with a quirky bear (who loves anchovy-vanilla sandwiches and drinks tea every afternoon). Neither of them are all that easy to get along with, but in a boat you don't have much choice.

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