Saturday, November 15, 2014

Castle Blackbird: A Forest

I completely forgot to write about this, but we finished our Castle Blackbird game a while ago with a third session. The characters decided to flee through the forest and find shelter at a small village. The village was deserted and when they opened the door to the inn, they were greeted by the sight of the Baron's soldiers. Quick reflexes saved them from getting shot, but not form the confrontation with the Baron. Not a man to be trifled with, he used all his powers to capture Konstanze again and those powers included dark magic. It took the combined effort of the group to kill him - and when he died, his troops vanished with him.

The group decided to go back to Amselburg. But when they turned back, the city was gone and there was no trace of it, like it had never been there.

I quite liked the ending of the whole story. After everyone thought that they had saved the day with killing the baron, that came as a bit of a shock. It also leaves a good hook if we ever want to play in the setting again.

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