Saturday, November 1, 2014

Fallen London

I have trouble sleeping, nightmares haunt me. My days are spent dining with devils and scrounging for secrets. Also, rats have infested my lodgings and want to settle the dispute with a game of cricket.

Fallen London
is a free text-based browser game in the style of chose your own adventure-books. You must make a living in a city that has been brought underground and is now populated by all kinds of monsters, freaks and desperate people. If you always want to know for sure what is going on, then this is not your game. But if you relish a good mystery, unexplained events and atmospheric worldbuilding, then by all means give Fallen London a try. It's a mix of steampunk, Victorian London and Lovecraft, with some Gaiman thrown in (Neverwhere in particular).
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Gameplay is very easy and nicely done. The world is huge, over 3000 storylets to follow, and I really applaud all the creativity that went into this. It's addicting, I can promise you that. But you only have twenty actions and when those are used up, you have to wait for them to refresh (ten minutes/action). That keeps the amount of time spent on the game in check, a feature I'm thankful for or I wouldn't come back to the world above at all.

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