Sunday, July 31, 2016

Wasteland Weekend

This year I am going to Wasteland Weekend, a post-apocalyptic, Mad Max-themed festival in California City. It all started as kind of a joke, a couple of people I know on Tumblr wanted to go and I was like: haha, maybe I'll go to. Then I mentioned that to a friend who told me 100% serious that he could swing it if he started donating blood plasma every fortnight right now and after that, it was a deal.

I'm going to cosplay a History Person - the people who remember and tell history in the Mad Max universe. Today, I got done with the major part of my costume:

The pants still need work, but I'm out of thread. I'm going to age the fabric with Fuller's Earth, to make it more reddish, and there will be some more accessories. Plus (fake) tattoos on my hands, arms and face.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Deadlands: New Group

Cast of characters:

Caleb Jones - ex-soldier and your humble narrator
Thomas Edward Silver - British scientist/monster hunter (??) and greenhorn at getting by in the Wild West
Otto Kaltenbrenner: German scientist and definitely, absolutely sane genius
Ghost: Kaltenbrenner's metal dog
Doctor Frances Grey: physician and by now seasoned adventuress
Kenneth Lake: Southern gentleman and poker player
Dim: lumberjack, very big and not very bright

I don’t do all that well no my own. Go stircrazy after a few days without talking to anyone. So I found myself some people to travel with. Some pretty strange people they are, but I like them well enough and I don’t care much where we’re going, as long as it’s not back to New York or south. Had enough of that for a lifetime.

First the plan was to go West, but then the doc got a telegram from home. Told us she was going back to Chicago, to accompany a friend of her family back here from some science fair. The guy seems to live in his own head too much to find his way alone or something. Anyway, we all agreed to come with her.

Company nor not, I’m still not sleeping. And if I sleep, I dream. Never used to remember my dreams, but now I not only remember them, they come true. Not always, but often enough. This time, I dreamt about tents filled with corpses, frozen to death, everything shrouded in mist. Told myself that it was nothing, just one of the war dreams. I’ve seen worse in real life.

That was the first night of our journey, spend out on the prairie. In the morning, we saw smoke signals, but none of us had any idea what those might mean. Then the spider broke down. Yeah, right, some of the group are travelling in a huge mechanical carriage that looks a lot like a spider. Pretty impressive. No idea whom that thing actually belong to, but the German scientist, Kaltenbrenner, takes care of it and keeps tinkering with it. Or with his mechanical dog. Or whatever else he comes up with.

The spider is still able to walk, just not quickly. But then, we’re not in such a hurry. In the afternoon we did come across tents, all abandoned, with carts and timber standing around. Someone was on his way to settle somewhere, but they never made it. They all died in their tents, just like I had dreamt. Didn’t mention that to the others. We buried the dead and then spent the night there, it was too late to go any further. Nothing happened during that night and I think I even got a couple of hours of sleep.

We arrived in town the next day. Seemed nice enough, as far as town in the sticks go. And there was a circus in town. The doc, Dim and I went over to have a look, but we were turned back by the ringmaster. So we decided to go back during the night. Dim got himself picked up by one of the whores, so he had something better to do, but the rest of us went. Wasn’t much to see, the usual stuff. The doc and I snuck into the wagons and she was all for opening the coffin with the Aztec prince mummy, but that wouldn’t have been quiet and people were too close to us for comfort. We snuck out again and were on our way back to our hotel when we heard a scream.

Doc Grey says she saw a sort of shadow or piece of mist float back towards the circus. No-one else saw anything, but she doesn’t seem the type to make stuff up. Back at the hotel, someone had been killed. The resident doc said it was a heart attack, but Doc Grey seems to disagree.

I dreamt again and this time I saw the mist the doc talked about. It formed into a Confederate officer, who got shot and died. I don’t know if they took someone’s body for their mummy or what else is wrong. Not like I get some explanation for the dreams.


It's been a while since I've written one of these and a lot has happened. The very short version: Alan and Lily have been killed by demons. Eliah killed his demon, but decided to leave the group after seeing his friends die and live with Alan's tribe who had welcomed him as one of their own. I had been planning to retire this character for a while and this was a very good point to do it.

So - new character! Caleb Jones is an ex-soldier who fought in the Civil War on the side of the Union. He has been a civilian again for about two years and has attached himself to the group in Dodge City, having nothing better to do at the time.