Monday, August 8, 2016

Shadowrun Rat's Nest: Arcology Run

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The group did a run to get someone out of the former Renraku Archology, by now a low security prison/social housing project that's pretty much a black box where poor people go in and almost no-one comes out. They had some serious problems and some inspired solutions for them and in the end, they found their target and smuggled him out successfully. By the time they were on their way down, with more than 50 floors to go, morale was not so good because they knew perfectly well that the way down wouldn't be one bit easier than the way up. They had pissed off a lot of people and they had been attracting attention all the way.

Then I told them that there was a mass panic, with people running away from the way they were headed. They ducked into a room and with a drone, they went scouting. It turned out that there had been a fight and security had send four massive drones to break it up. Think Boston Dynamics mule, only bigger and with cattle prods. Normal people would be like: oookay, we're going to lie low. The group was like: holy shit, let's steal those drones!

They spent about 15 minutes (in-game) discussing this and coming up with a plan. By the time they were done, the last drone was on its way into the elevator and their rigger, wearing a chameleon suit, just made it into the elevator with the drone. The rigger isn't very good at her job because she's been a rigger for two weeks or so and she has been driving the group nuts with less than well-thought out plans and actions. But now, she shone, with some help from the group's free spirit. She followed the drone into its garage undetected, rigged it and then activated patrol mode in the floor the rest of the group was waiting. With that, they had basically a get out of jail free-card for the rest of the trip.

This cut the story much shorter than I had planned and I could have gotten them into trouble, for example by letting the professional runner team that was on their trail (but pretty far off) just find them. But I honestly see no reason for that. Their exit may have been a bit anti-climatic, but they came up with a good solution for their problem, they didn't make any mistakes while executing their plan and frankly, it was beautifully done. That should be rewarded. I do love getting my players into trouble, but it would simply have been unfair in that moment.

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