Sunday, August 21, 2016

Shadowrun Rat's Nest: Ghost Parasite

Stanley has been depressed lately, seriously so. After consulting with two mages, he finds out that it's because he has some sort of awakened parasite, a spirit that feeds on his negative emotions. The group comes up with several plans to help him: duking it out with the spirit when it comes to feed on him, putting Stanley on a suborbital flight to banish the spirit (spirits can only exist in the Gaiasphere), looking for the spirit's true name to destroy it, putting so much cyberware into Stanley that he's no longer interesting for the spirit and, courtesy of the Technomancer, having him spend a month in the Resonance Realm. Which Stanley wasn't exactly excited about and I got the distinct impression that it was aclose call between that and getting killed by the spirit.

The spirit didn't feed on Stanley that night, so suborbital flight to St. Petersburg it was. While Stanley does some touristy things there, the group does detective work and finds what probably was the first victim of the spirit, at least in Seattle. A ganger living in Puyallup. They go there and search for its true name in a squatted house, admist people so high on Tempo and other drugs they don't even move when the group kicks down the door to the apartment. But they come up wit nothing.

The best scene was when Zach, while waiting in the parking lot for the others, decided that he needed to help a guy with a run-down car. The owner was inside the soup kitchen, getting a meal and Zach opened up the engine hood without asking. He does that, going straight from: I want to help that person! to I'm gonna do it! without actually asking if his help his wanted. He's seventeen, maybe he'll survive long enough to learn. The owner of the car came back and, with Zach obliviously studying the insides of the car's engine, he closed the hood and leaned on it. Fog and Kiki came back just in time to safe Zach from getting a beating or worse.

Some OOC highlights (both by Zach's player):
A McDonald's run solely by drones: MechDonald's
Players find a cat. GM: Do you know anything about cats? Player: Sure, I have Botany as a skill!

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