Saturday, October 29, 2016


Utah, on the way back from Bryce Canyon







Nevada, on the way to Valley of Fire

All photos taken with our smartphones, from the car. I will never get used to just how enormous the US are, at times it's like someone has installed a matte painting over the horizon. Especially with those fluffy clouds. It's ridiculously beautiful.

Monday, October 24, 2016


The nun’s letter intercepted Juan Miguel Quintero Rios on the road to Port Bolivar. Her handwriting was small and precise, and easy to read—even in the back of a bouncing cart on a rough-paved road made rougher by the lunging wind. No natural-born American, that one. Irish, the padre guessed by her name and her habit. What she was doing on the Gulf was anyone’s guess, and how she’d learned of him, he did not know; it was the only question she left unanswered in her carefully composed response.

He did not care, but he was curious.

Despite that one omission, her small bundle of papers contained a wealth of new information. At first she’d told him only that the hotel hated, and it hungered. Now, in this most recent message, she told him the rest.

Jacaranda is a short novel that would work 100% as a Deadlands oneshot. It has the same mix of Western and supernatural, there even is a Texas Ranger. It's set in the Clockwork Century alternative universe, a steampunk-heavy zombie apocalypse that I like very much. But Jacaranda has no zombies and a lot more straight up supernatural horror than the rest of the Clockwork Century novels.

It also works just fine if you have never read any of the other novels and are just in the market for a really good ghost story.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Sun Beetles

Chlorocala africana oertzeni, sun beetle larvae almost ready to pupate.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Wasteland Weekend 2016

Wasteland Weekend ... it truly is in the middle of nowhere, outside of California City

our camp - we are the Clan of the Boltcutters, a group of post-REVolution Vuvalini, warboys and -girls and various nomads and people identifying with the new goals of the Citadel

people drawing smut for each other

a wanderer from the Wastelands and I (on the right, history person known as the Brain Picker)

some of the Wasteland vehicles ... people really put a LOT of work into their cars/bikes, costumes and their camps

the Jugger competition ... those people are insane...

Wasteland City main street, bike and camp on the left belong to Warspawn (who have this amazing The Ace, he was perfect in every way)

the camp of the Rain Dogs

I forgot to ask their name, but they were cool

I was delighted to find a library. I bartered a Kurt Vonnegut book for some candy there.

Wasteland Weekend was awesome. I really want to go again in a couple of years, if I can swing it financially at all. I had a blast there and I miss the other Boltcutters a lot, meeting them was the best thing about the whole weekend!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Wasteland Weekend!

boltcutter tribe

This time I have a good excuse for my silence - I was on vacation to the US. Apart from seeing the Mojave Desert, Bryce Canyon and Valley of Fire, I was at Wasteland Weekend, as a member of the Clan of the Boltcutters . Here we are in front of the Thunderdome! I'll post some more once I sorted through my photos and once I am over the jetlag...