Friday, November 25, 2016

The Magnus Archives

The Magnus Institute, based in London, investigates paranormal occurrences - if and when the witness accounts they gather are considered genuine. After the death of the long-time archivist, John Sims takes over and is currently working his way through a mountain of sloppily archived entries, recording them on a old tape recored after digital devices have proven unreliable.

I was on the lookout for a podcast to help me with acute Knifepoint Horror withdrawal and I went through a ton of horror podcasts that were ... horrible. Or just didn't fit what I was looking for - a no frills-production, just someone telling a story.
The Magnus Archives does exactly that and it's deeply unsettling. Especially when the story arc starts to come together and picks up speed and both John and the listener start to connect the dots between at least some of the witness accounts. Most of the episodes work very well as stand alone stories and I like that a lot, but I also like the big story and how much time it takes for it to happen. I do hope that there will continue to be episodes that have nothing at all to do with the main arc to prevent X-Files syndrome (everything is connected!) because that makes it even creepier when there are things that fit into the arc.

There is quite a lot of body horror in The Magnus Archives, be warned. But I highly recommend it if you are looking for inventive, creepy and disturbing stories.

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